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Vladimir has more than 27 years experience as a conductor

Conductor of Symphonic Orchestra, Kyiv National Theatre of Operetta (since 2015)

interview with Vladimir Vrublevsky
Vrublevsky performance with Andres Veramendi

Conductor of Symphonic Orchestra, Donetsk Academy Theatre of Opera and Ballet (1995-2014)

Chief Conductor of the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater (2017-2019)

Guest performances

ConcerLirica Company, Guest Performances and participation in Opera Festivals, Spain (since 2007) Fransconcert company, Guest Performances in France, Belgium and Switzerland (since 2014)

International experience Vladimir Vrublevsky

International experience

Vladimir Vrublevsky appeared as guest conductor in Spain, Germany, Croatia, France,Italy, Poland, Romania, China, Israel, Switzerland,  Belgium, and United States.

Cooperation with                                world's opera stars

Cooperation with world's opera stars

He cooperated with lots of masters of music opera world such as Ludmila Shemchuk, Victoria Lukiyanets, Yuriy Nechaev, Alexander Gurec, Victor Chernomorcev, Igor Borco, Martin Iliev, Miki Morry, Luis Kanzino, Luis Santana, Andreas Veramendy, Vadim Pisarev, Nickolay Ciskaridze, Anastasiya Volochkova, Andrey Uvarov, Elena Kazakova.

In 2012 he was a driving force, producer and conductor of the first production of Notre Dame De Paris by Cesare Pugni in the Ukraine which was premiered in Donetsk in February 2012. This unique Ukrainian-France cultural projecthad a great success

Vrublevsky cooperation with world's opera stars


Ukrainian National Academy of Music of P.I. Tchaikovsky, Conductor of Music Theatre and Symphonic Orchestra, Professor V. Gnedash (1998-2002)

Donetsk Academy of Music of S.S. Prokofiev (1990-1995)

Kriviy Rih College of Music (1986-1990)

Chief Conductor In Kyiv State Municipal Academic Opera And Ballet Theatre